Printing Sleeves

Tech Sleeves uses high-quality raw materials such as the composite combination of volumised fibreglass infused with vinyl-ester epoxy resin, to provide flexural strength and form stability, reducing the bouncing caused by deflection during printing. We can supply;
Tech Sleeve Light which uses ground-breaking technology and an optimized build-up formula that reduces the weight of our sleeves and bridges, whilst improving the overall stiffness and durability.
Tech Sleeve Compressible, designed to eliminate the need for compressible double-sided mounting tape. This means that you save costs on tape, save time and still be able to meet your printing deadlines easily.


Printing Bridges

We can supply Tech Sleeves;
Compressible Bridges used to print with In The Round sleeves (ITR). These ‘seamless sleeves’ are generally used with traditional plate mounting for designs that need a continuous background colour, such as white or varnish. The soft outer layer of the adapter provides the compressibility needed for the required print impression.
Tech Bridges, the most advanced bridge/adapter in the market. It is made using high-quality materials such as Dyneema for the inner layer and epoxy resin-infused fibreglass. This combination makes the bridge extremely durable and resistant to chemicals, heat and the stresses faced in a printing press.

Sleeves & Bridges

Support Equipment

Tech Sleeves are dedicated to serving the flexographic printing industry with Bridges and Plate Sleeves and are known for quality & innovation.

Sleeve Storage System – Customisable Sleeve Storage System providing optimal storage and protection
TIR Sleeve Measurement System – Measures sleeve surface with an accuracy of 5 microns
Demounter – Efficiently remove plates and tape from sleeves without damage