Colour Management Software


One solution that brings colour measurement all together. One networked platform capable of measuring any print process and providing a simple, easy to use interface that anyone can quickly understand. A modular, app-based environment where each segment of the print process can be monitored and controlled.

A product that allows your choice of measurement instrument from a number of industry leading manufacturers. Measure everything from spots and quality control strips to full-width colour bars; the choice is yours when you MeasureColor.

Plate Processing Machinery

Waterwash / Solvent

Evolve is able to supply plate processing equipment from major brands to businesses across the UK and Ireland. All solutions meet demanding regulatory standards and are CE and UL certified. The range includes:
Flexo Solvent
Tower Processors for polymer flexo plates, Inline Processors, Combi Flexo.
Flexo Water
Tower Processors for polymer FLW, Inline Processors FLM, Combi FLW, Combi FLW 25/30 and Filters.
Tower Processors Polymer, Visio.
Washing Systems
Cleaning, Sleeve Cleaner, Direct Engraving, Rotary Cleaning, Steel Plate.
EDF Letterpress, EDF Flexo Solvent, EDF Flexo Water, EDF Drawbridge 52/80, Table Exposers, UVC Section, LED, Dream and Magnesium Plates.

Flexo Printing Plates

Toyobo Water Washable Plates

Cosmolight are Toyobo’s water washable flexo printing plates. These are available in digital and analogue format and are suitable for flexible packaging, labels, envelopes and other print sectors. Toyobo’s cosmolight plates are compatible with Solvent, UV and water based inks. There are many advantages for using these plates, the built in flat top dot, allows a small dot gain, whilst delivering a high ink transfer.

These plates have been Certified by Esko for Full HD and the most recent Esko Crystal technology. These plates can be press ready within an hour, and will compete with other thermal and solvent based plates.

Flexo Printing Plates

Toyobo Letterpress Printing Plates

Toyobo are the pioneer of the letterpress water washable printing plate Printight.

These are available in digital and analogue format, with multiple sizes available. There are many advantages for using the Toyobo Printight, faster imaging process with the avoidance in using film, thus results in a highly consistent plate. These are compatible with all CTP devices.

Pre-Press Hardware & Software


Esko is a global leader in the production of hardware and software for the packaging and label industry, offering a unique ecosystem of solutions to drive digitisation, automation and connectivity of pre-press and print operations.

Esko offers the only packaging management solution your business will ever need. Evolve have hands-on experience using the Esko software range and are perfectly placed to advise on its software solutions. We can offer integration to improve your workflow and are also available for training and ongoing support.


JFM Plates

Need artwork, reprographic services or finished plates?
Embracing the very latest in digital imaging and automated workflow, JFM is at the forefront of flexographic reproduction, investing heavily in cutting edge technology and equally as important its highly experienced team!

JFM specialises in supplying the print and packaging industry with reprographic services and finished printing plates. It has a strong partnership programme within the trade ensuring that labels and packaging converters receive the very best in service and quality.



tesa offers a complete assortment of plate mounting solutions with foam, film or cloth backed tapes and also self-adhesive plate mounting sleeves to fulfil all flexo printing needs. The range includes:
Foam Plate Mounting Tapes
Film and Cloth Plate Mounting Tapes
Cushioning Foams for Corrugated Postprint
Splicing Tapes for Paper Printing



Lohmann Tapes can accommodate any type of printing. Individual printing requirements demand unique solutions. The range includes:
DuploFLEX 5 for Flexible Packaging Printing
DuploFLEX 3 and 4 for Label Printing
DuploFLEX CB for High Quality Post Print