Maintenance & Support

Performance Print

Performance Print covers a wide range of press manufacturers including: Nilpeter, Edale, Gallus, Mark Andy, Aquaflex, Comco, Heidelberg & Komori.

Our partnership means we can offer preventive maintenance contracts, breakdown support, press relocation/installations, press upgrades, press rebuilds, operator training, application support and production/lean management.

Parts & Anilox Cleaners

Parts & Anilox Cleaners

Evolve is able to supply a full range of parts & anilox cleaners

Plate Cleaners

Print Systems

Print System offer cleanliness through automation. A photopolymer plate cleaning machine is an easy way to improve your productivity, printing quality and extend plate lifetime. The Print Systems QUICKER C range reduces downtime, waste and the costs of flexo plates, ink, substrate, and other materials. The QUICKER C cleaning system has been designed to:

Address the growing need for cleanliness in a complex printing process
Eliminate manual plate washing by fully automating the process
Reduce plate washing cycle to 15-20 minutes
Be easy to use and easy to install
Be cost-efficient, using 30% less water & 40% fewer chemicals
Support daily maintenance of printing plates

Wash Solutions

Print Tech Solutions

Specifically formulated for the print industry, following extensive research and development, our range of smart cleaning solutions offers safe and effective cleaning in all print environments.

All products are Non Caustic, Non Aggressive and REACH compliant.
All products are guaranteed not to cause damage to rubber rollers, print plates, pumps and chambers.
All products enable you to maintain high quality print and protect your profitability.
We can work with your local water authority requirements to ensure total compliance with regulations on a local and national level.
With over 150 development products under our belt, we can work with you to develop a bespoke cleaning solution for specific or unusual problems.