Narrow Web Flexo

Narrow Web Plate Mounters

As the narrow-web industry continues to grow, the needs of the flexo label printing companies increase enormously. To tackle the challenging trends in the flexo industry, such as shorter & more frequent job runs, we can supply AV Flexologic solutions for every kind of customer demands. The range includes machines for labels from Automatic to Standard manual machines.

Wide Web Flexo

Wide Web Plate Mounters

AV Flexologic machines designed for the Wide Web flexo industry range between manual, motorised, automatic and fully automatic mounting machines which supports different widths.

We provide complete solutions for every flexographic printer, therefore our portfolio includes supporting equipment such as customised Sleeve Storage Systems, Demounters, Tape Applicators, and Sleeve Measurement Systems. AV Flexologic’s equipment has been created with and for our customers from all over the world.

Wide Web Flexo

Wide Web Support Equipment

AV Flexologic’s range of wide web supporting products includes;
RoboSLEEVE – Eliminates manual sleeve loading/unloading and offers safe sleeve and adapter handling
RoboCELL – Eliminates tape waste due to spiral taping as well as sleeve damage and mishandling
RoboTAPE – A game-changer patented solution for automatically applying tape onto sleeves
Flexo Printing Sleeves – Sleeves with UV cured Vinyl Ester resin outer layer, lightweight technology
Sleeve Storage System – Customisable Sleeve Storage System providing optimal storage and protection
TIR Sleeve Measurement System – Measures sleeve surface with an accuracy of 5 microns
Demounter – Efficiently remove plates and tape from sleeves without damage
Tape Application Demounter – All-in-one machine for efficient tape application and demounting
Tech Cart – For transporting printing sleeves, anilox sleeves and/or bridges


Corrugated Plate Mounters

AV Flexologic has developed high end mounting machines for corrugated plates. Our wide ranging portfolio includes solutions for mounting and proofing plates onto corrugated mylars. Our corrugated postprint mounters are advanced with unique features in the industry and guarantee high-quality printing. We produce round and flat corrugated mounters based on your needs.


Corrugated Support Equipment

AV Flexologic’s range of corrugated supporting products includes;
Tape Laminator – Apply double-sided adhesive tape onto flexographic printing plates evenly and without air bubbles.