Automatic Turret Rewinder

Leonardo Automatic Turret Rewinder

The ideal machine to increase the company productivity: it can rewind from 3 to 5 cycles per minute, depending on the material and the roll length. The Errepi automatic non-stop turret rewinders are functional and efficient and represent the most popular and best selling product of our company.

The most popular rewinder is known for its simplicity and efficiency, thanks to its high quality components and continuous monitoring of the production process. The Leonardo is available as either ‘with glue’ or the patented ‘glueless’ version.
With glue, called “hidden glue”, does not leave any rest on the line (it remains on the cores).
Glueless, patented products that does not use adhesives.

Cores Cutting Machine

Vittoria Automatic Core Cutter

The core cutter is the ideal machine for plastic or cardboard cores of various diameters/lengths according to your needs. This automatic unit offers high productivity with linited operator interaction.

Available as semi-automatic/fully-automatic and covers tube lengths up to 2000mm. The Errepi patented cutting system with double circular blade ensures a clean and accurate cut whilst minimising powder residuals. Simple, automatic settings are ideal for those who change diameter or core length frequently.